Etsy + Eugene Mirman Want to Teach You How to Tweet

DUMBO's own Etsy has launched their first ever Etsy Social Media Week, which includes a two-part event about successful social media campaigns. Part one starts with the hilariously weird and ubiquitous comedian (and Kickstarter King) Eugene Mirman discussing how he uses online tools to build his personal brand and grow his audience. Part two features an all-star panel talking about how they have used social media to grow their business and brands. Here, Etsy's own social media wiz, Laura Chin, gives us a preview of the event and her take on what social media can mean for an entrepreneur:

What are the insights you hope attendees will come away with? What is the key to Etsy's success in social media?
There isn’t a single way to do social media, but our hope is that by inviting such a diverse group of panelists, we can learn from their experiences in building a brand, crafting a voice, and interacting with communities, to distill some key universal strategies. Ultimately, the goal is to equip our sellers with the tools and resources they need to effectively build their brand online. Etsy sellers have such compelling stories, and we’d love to see more of our community share their stories online. We see a world in which very, very small businesses have much much more sway in shaping the economy. Social media can help pave a way for that, by giving our independent businesses greater visibility, a bigger voice, a wider impact.

Eugene Mirman had amazing success with Kickstarter and other social media outlets. What is your favorite Eugene Mirman social media strategy/tweet?
One of the rewards Eugene offered in his latest Kickstarter project was a Pre-Show Meet & Hug. I love that. The world benefits when there is more hugging. I’m a huge proponent of connecting offline. I think this is why Eugene is so good at what he does. I won’t name names, but there are a handful of comedians on Twitter who are just doing it wrong. Eugene’s jokes are so sincere: they tap into those awkward, weird feelings that all of us can relate to — I mean, a day of science? An awkward party bus? A petting zoo? His comedy festival was all high school memories and then some. He is really successful at connecting with his audience, online or otherwise, and pulling them into one big awkward hug.

Those kinds of connections, the ones that transcend boundaries, are what make Etsy such a dynamic, lively marketplace: the transactions feel substantial, sincere, warm. Real people are connecting all over the world, and social media is another layer that can help extend that authenticity and appreciation for authorship and provenance.

Elizabeth Weil of Twitter is a heavy hitter. What are you excited to hear from her? Elizabeth is an amazing individual: by day, she leads Culture and Brand Experience at Twitter. By night, she is probably working on her day job too. At some point in between, she finds the time to be an Etsy seller, a designer, and a printmaker. I’m excited to tap into her experiences about brand building and particularly time-management: how much time should we devote on social media? How can we measure the impact (both qualitatively and quantitatively)? How can we better leverage Twitter as a platform to amplify our voices? I’m so excited about this panel because it’s filled with people like Elizabeth, who are fantastic at crafting positive, authentic experiences, online and offline.

Any other thoughts on the topic of social media at large?
It’s very funny how social media leads to analog things, like letterpress or a comedy festival, but I think this is the point of our panel. Social media isn’t some new frontier — it’s very much an extension of things we already do and crave.

Tickets are $5 and space is limited. Register through Eventbrite and get additional info on panelists here. Can't make it in person? They’ll be broadcasting the event via Livestream. RSVP to attend online here.

Photo: Seth Olenick