#DumboDownload: July 24 Edition

We're back with more exciting news from DUMBO! Keep scrolling to find out what's happening in the neighborhood.

Experience Brooklyn Bridge Park through sound! Looking to add another element to your daily commute or lunch break? Download St. Ann's mesmerizing sound-walk app, Hear Their There Here, to experience the Brooklyn Bridge Park in a whole new way. Through hundreds of voice recordings, the creators designed an app that plays these voices exactly where they were said.

Dockless bikes #ftw. Uber-owned Jump, whose HQ are in Dumbo, will be a part of the NYC Department of Transportation's dockless bike pilot. The new program is expected to launch within the month across the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.

Bookmark this podcast. With the tagline, "Smart communications for nonprofits," Big Duck is making waves in the nonprofit industry. They recently launched The Smart Communications Podcast, where each episode briefly covers a nonprofit communications topic that nonprofit leaders can use to advance their organization's mission. How do we communicate without a communications staff? delves into how Wayne Ho, President and CEO of CPC, keeps communications consistent over 4,000 staff members. It's also the most popular episode so far. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.

Devin Yalkin for the New York Times
Devin Yalkin for the New York Times

Celebrity sightings in Dumbo! In yet another NYT article featuring Dumbo, Maura Tierney explores the Brooklyn Flea and visits Thea Grant, both classic Dumbo establishments.

Dumbo Law Firm in the New Yorker. Earlier this year, the New Yorker featured an article about Matthew Covey's firm, CoveyLaw. With Trump's ever-shifting travel ban, Covey's work has taken on greater urgency, as his firm mainly handles immigration visas for musicians and other international artists hoping to cross the border. The Dumbo Improvement District awarded Covey with a Dumbo Dozen Award, but we figured he deserves another shout out. Did we also mention that he takes cases pro bono?

That's all for now, #DUMBONYC.