#DUMBODOWNLOAD: December 9 Edition

DUMBO's on the move and in the news … see what the internet’s been saying about your favorite neighborhood below!

Welcome! You might have noticed there's a new addition to the neighborhood skyline. Shining over the East River is a new "Welcome" sign, installed by Dumbo's own LIVWRK. It's not been there for long but already it's attracting attention and showing that Dumbo is open to all.

NBA X Dumbo. If you've ever wondered what the home of an NBA star looks like then Architectural Digest have you covered. Take a tour of basketball player JJ Redick's custom renovated Dumbo apartment and try not to get too jealous. On his family's choice to be based in Dumbo, Redick told AD, “We liked the grittiness of it and the warehouse backstory.” Who doesn't?

Free money! If you couldn't make it to Dumbo Drop there's still a chance to see some elephants fly–only this time there's money involved! We've been dropping Dumbo Dollars into the neighborhood to support local businesses. Want to get involved? There are more drops coming up so stay tuned if you want to win.

We recognize that artwork. After 16 years, Josh Homme has regrouped Desert Sessions, his star-studded musical collective. However, it wasn't the songs that caught our attention, but the album artwork designed by Dumbo's favorite skate-board graphic artists Morning Breath. You can check out the Desert Sessions work here, and learn more about the men behind the art in our Q&A.

Who said scaffolding needed to be ugly? We all know that sometimes construction can seem annoying. But one Dumbo developer is highlighting the good side and making their scaffolding into a garden. If you take a walk down Plymouth Street you can check out their garden-in-the-sky. On the project, Jared Della Valle the CEO of Alloy Development said, “We hope passers-by can appreciate the vibrant green landscape in lieu of being reminded everyday about construction around them"