DUMBO Welcomes Shibui Antique Market

Recently, a local resident called the DUMBO BID office declaring Shibui, "A zen temple that raises the spiritual vibe of the neighborhood." To say we were intrigued would be an understatement. Recently relocated from Vinegar Hill to 38 Washington, Shibui is a Japanese art and antique market. We met with owner Dane Owen and spoke to him about his passion and love for Japanese art and antiques and what exactly "shibui" means.

What does Shibui mean?

Shibui is the type of beauty that doesn't need announcement; the quality speaks for itself. It involves the maturity, complexity, history, and patina that only time can bring—like a fine vintage wine.

What made you choose DUMBO for your antique market?

DUMBO is a Beautiful neighborhood and a lot of our history has been established in the community. When we moved to Vinegar Hill five years ago the price was right.

How can Shibui enhance the DUMBO community?

As I mentioned before, Shibui means the highest level of beauty, and with that being said, I feel like DUMBO has beauty incorporated into the community and shibui being added into the community is nicely paired.

How long have you been studying Japanese art?

I really didn't formally study too much Japanese art. I grew up as a goldsmith. As a kid I helped my father around his jewelry store. Then I went off to college to study western classics and that's when I feel in love with beautiful antiques and the elegance of Asian art.

How often do you visit japan?

Once a year and I stay for about a month. And funny enough I speak the language very little. It's primarily food, language, and travel when I go. And also collecting new antiques to ship back to the US. I'm in a different town every night trying to find somewhere to sleep.

Can DUMBO Appreciate your antique market?

Dumbo residents and customers can definitely appreciate the art that I have to offer. I had a customer come into the store and asked about a silver leaf screen. He asked how much is the screen and I asked him whatever you think its worth, and he said I cant afford this. It made me smile because I know he appreciate what I’m selling and understand it as well.

How long have you been in the neighborhood?

Five years (including Vinegar Hill). But I've been in the business for 20 years and have been studying and collecting Japanese art for 18 years.

What’s so unique about Shibui art?

Its beautiful, elegant, and has style, It’s a culture that brings essence and beauty to the highest level.