DUMBO Startup Lab: Coworking, Community, Connection

DUMBO Startup Lab was founded in early 2012. It is one of Brooklyn’s original coworking spaces and continues to serve as a hub for the growing innovation movement in Brooklyn and beyond. DUMBO Startup Lab offers startups, small businesses and freelancers everything they need to stay focused on building their businesses: beautiful open space, a supportive community of innovators, reliable services and flexible membership options that meet the needs of today’s entrepreneurs.dumbostartup1.jpg

DUMBO Startup Lab includes developers, designers, marketers, seasoned entrepreneurs, experienced freelancers and lots of happy people. Together, they form a network that encourages new ideas, connections and friendships. The common bond is not just the space we share but a shared focus on building companies, products and relationships.

If you’re ready to learn about DUMBO Startup Lab, get more done, make new friends and grow your business faster, apply here.