DUMBO Food Truck Lot Debuts This Week

More lunch options are coming to DUMBO! Starting this week, you can check out a rotating selection of the wheeled food slingers at the vacant lot on the corner of Jay and Water Streets including Bian Dang, Fun Buns, Mike n' Willies, Domo Taco, Cool Haus, Milk Truck, Hibachi Heaven, Big D's Grub Truck, Korilla BBQ, Palenque, Carl's Steaks, Food Freaks, Wafles & Dinges and Fishing Shrimp. Stay tuned to @dumbolot on Twitter for the latest updates on who's in DUMBO.

After too many mornings of having to get to DUMBO at 7am to find the prime parking spots, Thomas Yang, owner of Bian Dang, Domo Taco & Fishing Shrimp (amongst others) formed a co-op with the other trucks and they were able to strike a deal with the lot's owner to lease out the space. Check out this bit of opportunistic entrepreneurship between 11am and 3pm on weekdays (and let them know if you'd like them to stick around for dinner hours too). Make it a real lunch break in the Pearl Street Triangle or Archway and enjoy your food with a side of free wifi.