DUMBO Firms Collaborate on Esquire Pad

Esquire Magazine's ninth annual "Ultimate Bachelor Pad" has taken over the triplex penthouse at the top of 1 Main Street and DUMBO's HUSH Studios and Third Eye Studio got tapped to design one of the rooms. The Clock-partment is playing host to a series of exclusive celebrity and charity events throughout the fall, which kicked off with a benefit last week for the Fresh Air Fund. Looking to leverage the Brooklyn brand, Esquire reached out to several DUMBO firms to create the "Home Office of the Future” for their ultimate bachelor. And so, Marc Thorpe (of Third Eye Studios) and HUSH Studios, both firms out of 68 Jay, teamed up to create and build a vision for the space.

We sat down with David Schwarz and Erik Karasyk of HUSH to talk about the project and their partnership with Thorpe. HUSH, a design agency, has worked with Third Eye Studios, an architectural design firm, on installation projects before - most notably taking part in the Showtime House at Cassa last year. Marc Thorpe was originally approached by Esquire to take part in the project again and looked immediately to partner with HUSH.

Given the creative license from both Esquire and Acura, HUSH and Third Eye dreamed big, taking many technological leaps forward in both the digital media as well as the physical construction of the room. Their futuristic take on the study features a one-of-kind desk featuring a three-dimensional lycra touch screen powered by infrared sensors meant to simulate communications that, if Schwarz has his way, would beam information to you through light and sound. When touched, the desk manipulates the sounds (provided by Acura and synthesized through the table) and the LED lighting of the room. Each touch gives a different pitch, depending on the intensity, duration and location of your touch.

HUSH's David Schwarz describes the interactive table as an accessible musical instrument. "Using the saxophone as a metaphor: The sax is something you need to be trained on to play. Not just anyone can walk in a room, pick up a sax and play it. The table is something you can immediately pick up on and use. There is no background or training required since nobody has ever played it before. Everyone is just as good at it."

Great concept and beautiful execution by two DUMBO teams working together. We love it. Now, all we have to do is wait for another firm to invent the technology to beam emails through sound waves into our brains. Somehow, with the release of Siri this month, it doesn't seem too far out of reach.

Other innovations include a digital hologram named Charlotte ("a life-size digital hologram created by Pod Design+Media who will appear at various locations inside the apartment to flirt with guests, provide information on various aspects of the space and otherwise engage a crowd that may think they have seen everything. Charlotte is embodied by actress Margot Robie, who appears in Pan Am on ABC this fall."), the Lufthansa Digital Loft (designed by Luxurious Animals which will have a 40-foot digital viewing system onto which will be projected customized social-media feeds).

"The Esquire Apartment concept was conceived in New York in 2003," noted Jack Essig, senior vice president of Esquire. "Although we create our house every other year in Los Angeles, this is the first time we've taken our New York project to a location outside of Manhattan. We really challenge ourselves every year to find a new prime neighborhood and a building that represents the essence of the magazine."

The Clock Tower, originally a factory built in 1914 by cardboard box manufacturer Robert Gair, was remodeled into luxury condominiums by developer David Walentas in 1998. The inimitable 7,000 square-foot penthouse features a 14-foot-high glass clock face on each wall of the main living area, which provides nearly unobstructed views in each direction. The triplex, with 16- to 50-foot ceilings, includes eight rooms, an interior private glass elevator, a three-story floating staircase, and an outdoor crow’s-nest terrace with 360-degree views.

For those of you that may be interested in the ultimate bachelor pad, the apartment is on the market and is listed at $23.5 million.