DUMBO-Created Enquire App Available for the iPhone


Enquire, co­founded by Maxime Leroy and Solène Maître, is a DUMBO-based free app that allows you to discover anything about a neighborhood. Ask Enquire anything - are you overpaying for rent? Is your favorite bartender single? Is a particular building pet/baby/gay friendly? All these and more will be answered by your fellow Enquire-ers. And, unlike other Q & A apps, Enquire focuses solely on location-based queries, allowing users to ask and answer questions only if they are currently in the neighborhood.

The reason for the hyperlocal approach is to help build a community dialog; the question acts as a gateway to discussion and better understanding of your 'hood. As Leroy states,  "Enquire creates opportunities to interact with the Mr. and Mrs. Smith down the street and the bodega owner on the corner. It encourages fresh perspective by allowing users to be part of their local communities, thereby redefining social networks as communities not just comprised of friends and acquaintances."

The app itself is easy to use and with its emphasis on fun, bold colors it keeps the user visually stimulated as s/he swipes from question to question. Enquire is available on the Apple App Store for iPhone users in New York City, San Francisco, and Paris. The current version has pre­determined neighborhoods in the traditional sense, but Enquire’s team is already working on allowing users to define their own 'hoods, be they centered around monuments in Paris or colleges in Boston.

For reviews of Enquire, check out techcrunchfastcoexist, and techrepublic. Or, check out Enquire's website to learn more about the app and take part in the contest to unlock your city.  Visit Enquire's AngelList page for more information about the team and current funding status.

Get curious, DUMBO!

(Featured image courtesy of Enquire's Instagram page).