DUMBO Arts Festival Top Picks

We know you've been waiting all year for the DUMBO Arts Festival to return to the Brooklyn Waterfront, and now it's finally here!  This three day arts festival will be jam packed with performance art pieces, artist open studios, videos, and more more more!  With over 300 artists and more than 100 projects/ exhibitions, we figure the least we can do is help you navigate all the awesome art that is coming to DUMBO this weekend.  You can download the full guide here, but here are our official picks to make this your best Festival yet:

1. Beauty - Challenge your own perceptions of what beauty means with this performance art series curated by the South Asian Women's Creative Collective.   Confront beauty norms surrounding gender, hair, fashion, body image, gender, and how the media influences these tropes in a series of interactive performances.  Catch this Saturday or Sunday from noon-6 between Plymouth and Water streets on Main Street!http://dumboartsfestival.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Rostami_TheHouseofStrength_Beauty_1400x630.jpg

2.  By Day, By Night - New Yorkers are known for the many hats they wear, and this piece highlights the work people do to survive and stay true to the things they love.  Contribute by having your own "By Day, By Night" portrait taken.  Viewable Friday from 6-9, Saturday from 12-9, and Sunday from 12-6 on the Plymouth Street Park Perimeter Fence.http://dumboartsfestival.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Decastro_1400x630_1.jpg

3. Gleason’s Gym - Gleason's Gym will be displaying stunning works of art laced with a boxing theme. Come and support a variety of artists while being immersed in the oldest and largest  boxing gym in the country! Do not miss the chance to visit a gym that trained 133 world champions, 2 Olympic gold medalists, and was used in 26 full length movies (one of which was the American Classic, Rocky). You can find the gym at 77 Front Street, on the second floor.


4. DUMBO Walls: Faith47 -DUMBO Walls is a series of eight outdoor murals packed within a four-block stretch of DUMBO along the BQE. This is a must-see piece of urban art that will leave you breathless. Faith47 established herself as a prolific contemporary street artist, and has paintings in London, New York, Shanghai, Paris, Vienna, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Nairobi, Melbourne and Vancouver.http://dumboartsfestival.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/DAF14_faith47_1400x630.jpg

5.Giant Monster Attack - Come to the Empire Fulton Ferry Deck, and defend NYC from giant monsters! You will be equipped with the mobile app, Play AR, that overlays virtual monsters onto the real world (Manhattan). The game can be played on Friday 6pm-9pm, Saturday 12pm-9pm, and Sunday 12pm-6pm. If your friends are not picking up their phones during those days, they are probably saving the city from monsters.IMG_2327_1_dumbo_4_7.jpg

6. Watergate - Visit an iconic symbol of the Manhattan Bridge archway during the Arts Festival. Inspired by landscapes and his previous works, Casey Opstad created a 725 square foot mural that is electrifying to look at (especially in person). Opstad crossbreeds universal subject matters, such as water, clouds, ice and trees, with digital media to emphasize the disconnect between the individual and the group, the natural and the man-made.Watergate_8.jpeg

7. Barter Town (Trading Post XVI: Mesh & Lace) - Check out Heather Hart's Barter Town, where you will learn about the system of sharing and trading assets. Whether you want face painting, performance, a film, sporting competition, a raffle, some art, costume making, massage therapy, palm reading, lessons, clothing, a nail salon, services, promises, people’s court or something else, Barter Town is the place to find it and exchange it for what you are willing to offer. Bring any goods, ideas, or items in case you want to swap them for something extraordinary.Hart_Bartertown_1400x630.jpg