Dread Scott: On the Impossibility of Freedom

More Art is proud to present a one-time public art performance piece by artist Dread Scott that examines the legacy of social injustice in the United States and the continuing struggles faced by minorities across the nation.

On the Impossibility of Freedom in a Country Founded on Slavery and Genocide will feature Dread Scott attempting to walk into the extreme force of water jetting from a fire hose, referencing crowd control tactics tactics of the Civil Rights movement but also reflecting on present-day struggles against racism, including militarized police response in Ferguson, Missouri.

Scott says, “On the Impossibility of Freedom... is a performance about the struggle for freedom.  People yearn for freedom and have repeatedly struggled against oppressive governments, economic, political and social relations. People have taken great risks in a fight for emancipation and have often been battered in the process.”  This piece serves as a statement on this myriad of socio-cultural issues.

Come see Dread Scott's moving piece on October 7th at 1pm, beneath the Manhattan Bridge Archway!