Digital DUMBO Unveils Brooklyn Industries T-Shirt

Andrew Zarick of Digital DUMBO shares the story behind their new T-Shirt with Brooklyn Industries, writing to DUMBO:
"Since its founding in January of 2009, Digital DUMBO has seen tremendous growth. Quickly approaching a community size of nearly 10,000 digital influencers, this year we as organizers have been focused on creating additional value for our community. Our monthly events have proven to create lasting business and personal relationships, resulting in revenue growth for the businesses that attend and even a couple Craigslist Missed Connections for the singles in the crowd. Beyond the connections that our events have created, we've been actively reaching out to and working with partners (like the DUMBO Improvement District!) that we think both benefit and fit with the organic makeup of the Digital DUMBO community. One of these partners is Brooklyn Industries.
Earlier this year, we met with Brooklyn Industries and began discussing the potential of collaborating on the design of a Digital DUMBO t-shirt. At the time, Brooklyn Industries had recently relocated to DUMBO from the Brooklyn Navy Yard and had just opened a new retail store on Front St. We could have gone through the usual channels to create a t-shirt, but we wanted to do something special for our community by working with not only a Brooklyn company, but a DUMBO company, and a company that actively engages the local community in art, clothing, design and style. Fortunately, they were into the idea of a Brooklyn Industries and Digital DUMBO collaborative t-shirt and agreed to work with us.
After a few weeks of brainstorming followed by design revisions, we agreed on a design that we not only felt represented the Digital DUMBO community but also DUMBO as a whole. Until now, neither Digital DUMBO nor DUMBO had a t-shirt to call its own. The shirt features elements of DUMBO's digital fabric, using a mouse to create a D and the outline of an iPad for the U, but also prominent DUMBO landmarks like a pillar from the Manhattan bridge to create an M, and the clocktower atop of the old Robert Gair cardboard warehouse on Main St. for the O. And, of course, the bicycle to represent the over 8,000 people that commute to and from DUMBO on a daily basis for the B.
We hope that our community and those that have had the opportunity to experience DUMBO, whether as a resident, commuter, artist or tourist, will be proud to wear this shirt and this design."
The t-shirt will be available for purchase at the next Digital DUMBO event on September 29th- RSVP here- and at select locations after the conclusion of the event. Please email with any Digital DUMBO or t-shirt related questions.