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Derrick Does it Again: 5 Night Remix at 30 Wash. This Week

Derrick Adams, the man who rocked 30 Washington for November’s First Thursday, is back in DUMBO to take part in “Communicating with Shadows” – a collection of five short performances during a week-long installation. With controlled lighting, Adams will create enlarged, projected silhouette impressions of performance scenes from artists Joseph Beuys, David Hammons, Adrian Piper, Bruce Nauman and Jim Henson as a means of developing a personal conversation between the past and the present and to highlight their influence on Adams’ own practice.

The source material for this performance comes from archive images documenting historical performances from each artist.  These iconic images will be used to cast a shadow within which Adams will perform an interpretation of the source image.

Adams tells us, “This performance remix highlights the original context and intent made by their creators while also exploring new ways of seeing these historical works as they pertain to current conversations related to media culture, consumerism and product placement in art, and our place in the performance atmosphere we exist in today.”

The strategies employed will be improvisational. The performances are not a literal reenactment of these historical works but an attempt to channel their essence and intention. Although the space will be open to the public each day, the performance itself does not require an audience.  Each performance is free and open to the public and will be documented and displayed during the closing reception.

Performance Schedule:

  • Mon Nov 14 – Joseph Beuys:  I Like America and America Likes Me (May 1974); Derrick Adams:  The Sleepover, Under and Inside (2011).
  • Tue Nov 15 -David Hammons:  Bliz-aard Ball Sale (1983); Derrick Adams:  …I Just Crush a Lot  (2011)
  • Wed Nov 16 – Jim Henson (with characters Kermit and Yorick) from the TV show, Sam and Friends, ca.1956/57; Derrick Adams: With Characters Jim Henson and Derrick Adams: Can We Talk? (2011)
  • Thu Nov 17 – Bruce Nauman’s: Self-Portrait as a Fountain (1966–67); Derrick Adams:  I Am The Milky Way, The Truth and The Life (2011).
  • Fri Nov 18 – Adrian Piper: Funk Lesson (1982-84), Derrick Adams: One Nation Under a Groove of Instruction (2011).

Performance space has been graciously donated by Two Trees Real Estate. Carmen Hammons is producing the project.