Covid-19: Wellness

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Staying healthy in more ways than one.

Places Dumbo Abhaya Yoga
Abhaya Yoga

Abhaya Yoga is offering daily classes offered via Zoom, including vinyasa, chandra, restorative, core, different yoga flows, and free community classes weekly. Existing memberships and class tickets can be used to "attend." See here.

Bk Yoga Club
BK Yoga Club

BK Yoga Club is offering a full slate of online classes via Zoom for $12. See the schedule and sign up here.

Cinch Pilates At Gleasons Gym 2018 Dumbo Vip @ Local Retailers 349
Cinch Pilates

Cinch is offering group classes and private training through Zoom. See the full schedule at

1. Circuit Class $25: A mix of Pilates and plyometrics designed to strengthen your abs, support your back, and open your shoulders.

2. Pilates Mat $25: Align your spine, release tension, and build strength.

3. 30min Cinch $15:  Ward off the afternoon fatigue with a quick sweat and stretch.

Email cinchpilatesnyc@gmail for details.

Dumbo Wellness Massage Room
Dumbo Wellness

Dumbo Wellness is offering the following distance options:

1. Distance Reiki Healing with Ida Beneditto. Distance Reiki healing is a technique that allows the practitioner to offer a Reiki session with the client being in a different geographic location. Distance Healing is also sometimes referred to as the Absentee Reiki technique. The practitioner is able to transmit Reiki (otherwise known as spiritual energy, qi or prana) beyond physical touch.

2. Virtual Self Massage with Siobhan Towey L.M.T. Guidance on how to work on yourself at home with techniques such as Foam Rolling, Guasha, Cupping, Hot and Cold Therapy and offering tricks on how to give your partner a decent Massage.

Email, call Siobhan at 646-221-5800, or book here to arrange.


F45 Training DUMBO is continuing operations in the virtual space with F45 Live!  Their F45 Live program consists of 3 daily workouts, 3 weekly mobility sessions, 1 weekly nutrition session, 1 weekly wellness session, and 2 weekly happy hours. See the full schedule here.

BONUS! Enjoy one week of the "F45 LIVE Week Unlimited" for free with promo code DUMBOHOME!

Gleason's Gym

Gleason's Gym will train you virtually! A Gleason's trainer will train you remotely through Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc. ($100/50 minutes paid in advance) 

Call 718-797-2872 to schedule your trainer & the time, or book online through their website here.

Pedal And Punch House
Punch Pedal House

Punch Pedal House is offering live and on-demand classes in Indoor Cycling & Bodyweight Bootcamp for $10/class.

You must sign up for the 8:00am (Monday thru Friday) or 9:30am (Saturday or Sunday) live class to have access to the link for the OnDemand Video of the day. The link will only work for 24 hours.


ShadowBox is offering SBX NOW, an on-demand subscription platform with recorded content. $15.99 per month or $2.99 per individual video rental for 48 hours.

Yoga Vida 6
Yoga Vida

Yoga Vida is offering pre-recorded vinyasa & meditation classes on their YouTube channel.

They also offer Yoga Vida TV for daily live classes and on-demand options for $9 per class or $65 per month for an unlimited membership.