Congrats to CreativeMornings! Funded.

Congrats to Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka swissmiss) and the whole team at CreativeMornings for knocking their Kickstarter campaign out of the park! They raised more than $79,000, far surpassing the $35,000 target funding level.

Didn't get your Jessica Hische hand-lettered print or reserved seats for a year of CreativeMornings?  If you live in NYC (or can take care of your transportation to NYC), you can still be part of the special benefit Jason Santa Maria and Simon Collison CreativeMornings at Galapagos on October 9; there are limited number of tickets remaining!  Either way, we are really all a winners, because the funding means that there will someday soon be a library of all of the amazing designer talks worldwide and you can get inspired, smarter and more well versed at your leisure.

Congrats swissmiss! You're always doin' us proud.