City Federation Aims to Put DUMBO on the Social Gaming Map

City Federation pledges to end the "Happy Smiley Face Social Gaming Era" with it's more realistic cities (touting "near 3D" graphics) and social interaction. Farmville, this is not.

DUMBO-created City Federation launched in Beta last week and hopes to raise the additional funding to get out of Beta with their Kickstarter campaign -- giving it the needed boost to speed up the release.

Mike Lodispoto, City Federation's creator boasts, "If anyone plays any other city building game currently on Facebook, and then compares it to City Federation, I think they might never play the other game again."

According to their press release, City Federation "...breaks all of the rules of social gaming. Features such as Community Activists, Knowledge Hackers, war, blackmail, extortion and conquest round out what test players have called 'a revolution in social gaming."

Lodispoto also noted, "This is DUMBO's first entry into the world of social gaming.  Pitting our own City Federation game up against rivals such as Zynga's Cityville should prove exciting when you consider the vast improvements in graphics over the typical cartoon games out there."

The Kickstarter campaign started this week, so check it out and get in on the ground floor. Players who join through Kickstarter have the unique ability to help shape the game with direct voting on features and aspects of the game exclusively.

You can play the game now on Facebook or at the City Federation site.