Brooklyn (Roasting) Is So Hot Right Now

If you've stopped in to get one of your normal three cups of coffee at Brooklyn Roasting this week, you've notice things are a little busier than usual.

MSNBC has set up shop this week (and will be around all week until the April 19th New York primary) in Brooklyn Roasting and you can stop in (usually between 11am and 2pm) and see any number of talking heads discussing next week's primary and the issues surrounding it with MSNBC anchors like Tamron Hall or Erica Hill.

Whether you're Feeling the Bern, Hoping for Hilary or Drumpfing for Donald, New York/ Brooklyn/ DUMBO/ Brooklyn Roasting Company is so hot right now.


PS. Not sure where your polling site for the April 19 primaries is? Look it up here.