Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 RFP Responses Released

In May, Brooklyn Bridge Park released an RFP for residential development at Pier 6. The residential development, to include apartments affordable to middle- and moderate-income New Yorkers, will ensure that the community better reflects the diversity of Brooklyn and provide vital park funding to guarantee the ongoing maintenance of the waterfront Park for generations to come. This development is critical to the park’s long-term sustainability, and will ultimately provide 60% of the funding necessary to maintain the Park’s piers and prevent their deterioration.

The residential development parcel is located at the southern entrance to the Park at Atlantic Avenue and Furman Street, immediately south of the One Brooklyn Bridge Park condominium. The two sites are each approximately 9,900 square feet.

Last week, the Park released the responses to the RFP. Some of which you can see below. For more info and to see all of the responses, click here.