Q+A: Brooklyn Biscuit Company

Brooklyn Biscuit Company took our Farmer's Market by storm this past summer, often selling out of their signature sandwiches before the market was even officially open. We were thrilled to honor their work in the neighborhood with a 2016 DUMBO Dozen Award, and are excited to welcome them back to lunchtime this summer. We sat down with Liz, part of the Biscuit duo, to learn more about their delicious creations.

Could a Connecticut Yankee make good biscuits? Hey, challenge accepted!

Liz Santiso, Co-Founder of Brooklyn Biscuit Company

Tell us a bit about Brooklyn Biscuit and the inspiration behind it.

Brooklyn Biscuit Co. began as a challenge. Chad is from Oklahoma and I'm from Connecticut. Chad is a photographer; I'm a trained baker. While visiting his family in Oklahoma, and eating some of the best biscuits known to man, Chad challenged me to make them back home in Brooklyn— could a Connecticut Yankee make good biscuits? Hey, challenge accepted! Two years and thousands of biscuits later, I perfected this recipe. We are both are active members in our community garden and started doing Sunday morning pop-ups there as a fundraiser. Soon, the lines were down the street and our business began.

Brooklyn Biscuit Co. flavors are unique. We make everything from sautéed mushroom & shallot biscuits, to key lime and white chocolate. We are a small batch company, so each biscuit is handmade and cut. When we can, we locally source our ingredients, use natural flavors, the freshest produce and— always— 100% butter.


Chad has been working in DUMBO for over 15 years and I used to run a non-profit in DUMBO, so we're both very familiar with the neighborhood. We jumped at the chance to work with Down to Earth Farmers Market in their new DUMBO market. This is where our biscuit sandwiches were born; they became another "wait in line" experience for the market. We now serve 16-Hour Beer-Braised Pulled Pork, Coconut Curried Chickpeas, Italian Meatballs, Veggie BBQ all on your choice of biscuit for lunch here in DUMBO. It was a very exciting summer and we got to reach out to all of our old friends in the neighborhood.

What's your favorite place in Dumbo? Favorite art/food?

There is so much to like in DUMBO. Art Wise, St. Ann's Warehouse. But Almondine is hands down our favorite place!

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