Bike Share Program to Hit DUMBO Next Summer

Looking for a way to make the commute to work a little more scenic? Need to get from Williamsburg to DUMBO, but don't want to deal with the transfers? Fret no more--Bike Share is coming to NYC!

This week, the New York City Department of Transportation officially announced Portland, Oregon's Alta Bicycle Share as the vendor for the NYC Bike Share program that will launching in summer 2012.

Bike Share is a privately funded and publicly supported program that gives New Yorkers a new affordable and sustainable option to getting around the City. It's sort of like Zipcar with bikes, except the bike doesn't need to be returned to the same spot you picked it up. The program will have 10,000 bikes distributed at 600 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, with potential expansion to Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. Membership will be less than the cost of a monthly MetroCard and bikes will be available 24/7, every day of the year. Membership also includes an unlimited number of short free trips (as of this writing, timing hasn't been nailed down, but it will likely be between 30-45 minutes). You could even use these free trips to "station hop" if you're a savvy user.

Have an idea of where they should put a station? Check out the Bike Share website and let them know. As of this posting, there are a lot of interesting and practical suggestions (315 suggestions for DUMBO alone). Even the residents of Riker's Island are getting excited about Bike Share.  In addition to suggesting station locations, the Bike Share website is also a valuable resource for the timeline of upcoming events, the schedule for launch and tips on safe cycling.

Other cities in the US (DC, Denver, Minneapolis) and around the world (Paris, Barcelona, Montreal) have had successful bike share programs, so NYC is hoping that success will continue here, where there are over 700 miles of bike lanes available city-wide.

BONUS: Check out Bike Share in DUMBO! There will be a Bike Share demonstration this Saturday (9/17) in the Manhattan Bridge Archway. Stop by between noon and 4 p.m. and take a test ride!

photo via NYC Bike Share