Big Spaceship’s Hack Day 2016

Every year Big Spaceship hosts an event called Hack Day where teams of developers work together to create a plan of action to make the world a better place for everyone. CEO of Big Spaceship Michael Lebowitz has said that “one of the benefits around implementing a company-wide Hack Day is that it always energizes people. Plus, since people tend to work day in and out just with their team – this allows for cross-pollination of skills and different people at the company to work together. This Hack Day theme also allowed people to realize that their skills are applicable in the world at large – outside of their day to day work/ the marketing industry - to do good and effect change." This year nine groups competed during the competition.


Team # 1 "Troll Free" (Winner)

Team Troll Free wanted to tackle the idea that online harassment is everywhere and a problem for most people. In light of recent cases where large-profile celebrities have been bullied to the point that they had to delete their twitter accounts, Troll Free came up with an idea to mask and hide away the hurtful comments online. Through an extension for Google Chrome web browser, users will be able to create a blacklist of hurtful words that will be automatically replaced with positivity quotes, memes, cat pictures, or whatever the user chooses. The extension will also give the user the ability to track and report repeat offenders and help make the internet a more happy place.


Team #2 "Hot Topic"

Team Hot Topic created a game that would trick your mind into feeling good vibes. This app could be used anywhere you are so whether you are stuck on busy train or bus, or just going to meet someone for the first time you can use this app to calm down and relax.


Team #3 "ggbb" (People's Choice Winner)

Fed up with how difficult it is for gamers to find other gamers to play with, team ggbb came up with an app to match gamers with gamers of similar interests. Each person on this app would sign-up and have to select what games they have played/are currently playing. After that, each person has to upload a real photo of themselves. One you have your whole profile set up, you will presented other gamers and you will be able to do the familiar swipe left/right to match with them. The app will also include a feedback system that will allow users to report racist/sexist/inappropriate behavior.


Team # 4 "Fare Share"

With the subway being such a big part of life within New York City, many of us rely on it to get us around in our daily lives. Unfortunately with subway fare hikes, this is becoming an unattainable luxury to some people. With the holidays coming up, team Fare Share wanted to implement a system for New Yorkers to give back to fellow New Yorkers during their daily commute. This program would give willing commuters the ability to help donate to subsidize subway rides for riders who cannot afford a subway swipe on their own.


Team #5 "Mothership"

When people turnover at your job frequently, it can be hard to learn and remember everyones name and where they sit in the office. Team Mothership came up with an app that will allow users to easily create a map of the office showing where everyone sits. Also in the app users will be able to store names, profile pictures, teams, and disciplines. The app will also allow people to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in the app, creating a friendlier environment for everyone who works in the office.

Team #6 "Sweet Re-Lease"

Ever get frustrated because you had to pay a brokers fee trying to move in or out of an apartment? Team Sweet Re-Lease came up with a system to easily transfer your lease from one person to another to avoid having to pay brokers fees. This app would make it easier and less expensive to move in New York City.

Team #7 "Meatless Mondays"

Meat consumption has a huge impact on the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the air. To help combat this issue team Meatless Mondays created a campaign to help motivate people to avoid eating meat for one day a week. Currently there is a campaign out there to get people to stop eating meat on Mondays, but, it has a very vegetarian/vegan agenda. Meatless Mondays' plan would be more about environmental protection and not about converting "meatlovers" into vegetarians or vegans. The campaign would include professional chefs, food bloggers, and an app that would help motivate and remind meat eaters to not eat meat on Mondays.


Team #8 "SNUG: Make sure it fits"

Have you ever bought something online just to find out it does not fit correctly? This happens for frequently that in 2015 alone $62.4 billon was spent on returns due to incorrect sizing. Team SNUG proposed an app and web browser extension that would figure out your size for a specific clothing brand based off of clothing you own already. The app would take the measurements of clothing items that you own and know fit and see what those measurements become in another clothing brand. This would help you to avoid buying clothes that do not fit and would cut back on the environmental impact shipping the ill-fitting clothes back has. The app would also have a feature that would allow users to donate their ill-fitting clothing and nonreturnable items.


Team #9 "Doggy Day Share"

Team Doggy Day Share proposed an app that would help streamline the volunteer process at local animal shelters. Most people love dogs and would like to get involved in animal shelters but do not know how to. This app would allow people to see what help is needed at their local shelters and allow them to sign up to help the shelter out.