Big Spaceship creates Ken Burns App

According to Wired, "To watch all 23 of Ken Burns’ award-winning documentaries end to end would take 8,147 minutes — that comes out to about 136 hours or 5.5 straight days." Don't have the time to partake in such a challenge? Ken Burns in collaboration with Big Spaceship has now changed the way to view history and contextualize time.

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Ken Burns is a storyteller. Big Spacehip is a digital creative agency. Together they created an iPad app that takes those 8,147 minutes and churns them out into hour-long playlists of bite-size clips. The playlists explore six overarching themes in American history -- innovation, race, politics, art, hard times, and war.

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The app, called Ken Burns, is unique in that it allows the user to view clips chronologically in time and also to see how see how events from his repertoire of films "speak to" each other. As reported by Wired, "Zoom in on 1869, for example, and a cloud of clips from The Civil WarThe West, and The National Parks orbit in parallax formation around one another; swipe to 1930, and it’s clips from Jazz, Prohibition, Baseball, Huey Long, Thomas Hart Benton and The Dust Bowl." You can also watch the six playlists straight through or select individual clips.

Try it out now for free!