“Being in Brooklyn speaks for us.”

How can a startup be successful in Brooklyn? What happens when a startup wants to be true to its roots as it scales? What does being in Brooklyn mean for innovation? These questions were explored last week when 100 tech leaders convened for the Northside Innovation Meetup, organized by Northside Media Group and sponsored in part by the Observer Media Group.

DUMBO firms, no surprise, were well represented. As J.B. Osborne of Red Antler (20 Jay) noted, “Being in Brooklyn speaks for us.”

Success in Brooklyn industries and start ups don't just arise from size of company, panelist Jessie Arrington, cofounder of Workshop (10 Jay) observed. Rather, success comes from "the value of its product and whether or not the creative minds behind it are doing what they love."

Maker’s Row (20 Jay) cofounder Tanya Menendez, highlighted how the neighborhood fosters a sense of collaboration. “Brooklyn is really community based, and it’s taught us to create a company that is really community based too. We walk around DUMBO and we see familiar faces, we see neighborhood dogs,” she said. "We want to create a platform that mirrors that online so people can see familiar faces, reach out and be comfortable."

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