Big Spaceship Hack Day

The Brooklyn-based digital agency Big Spaceship gave a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into its annual Hack Day event this year. This year's theme is "make weird things that are shareable" and consisted of seven competing teams.  The main objective of Hack Day is to promote creativity-thinking and teamwork with the purpose of creating something "viral".  Here's a look at all the teams involved and their innovative ideas.

Team: Emoji Combat (WINNER #1)

A Twitter-powered, emoji-fueled fighting game in which top celebs battle to the death. Beef happens, emojis fly and famous people get KO’d.  Everybody loves celeb Twitter feuds, but nobody’s seen celebs battle it out Mortal Kombat-style...until now. And Kanye poops out CD emojis to taunt, and Donald Trump uses eggplant emojis to regenerate health.  Anyone can play the game by tweeting the handle of the celeb, one of three celeb-specific emojis (attack, health regeneration, taunt) and #emojikombat. Verified tweeters get access to a special move, and the celebrity him/herself gets access to a fight-ending fatality.


Team: Talking Ship

A micro podcast that dissects the weirdest parts of culture with our resident experts using Anchor, the first-ever radio social network.  The idea is about what’s weird, brought to you by who’s weird in a weird format.  The micro podcasts are shareable via link and embeddable on social networks. Furthermore, people can participate in the dialogue by using Anchor’s voice commenting system. Interacting is as easy making a 2-minute phone call.


Team: Happy Place

A browser-based Virtual Reality experiment serving up immersive happy places; fluffy clouds, puppies in space, and a magical land of snacks.  The interactions are digital equivalents to baby toys. Each world is full of fun elements that show surprise interactions. You click on a spaceship, a tractor beam shoots out. You click on a gummy bear, it bounces.


Team: Election 2016 (WINNER #2)

Vote for your favorite dank meme online during this presidential election season to be the meme-in-chief.  Through a web-based interface, users can interact with all of the best election memes around and with one click, the user has more information about the meme.


Team: Will

"Will" is a game/social experiment where you choose to be a good or bad player, which impacts your moral role later in the game. There’s a fascination on the internet with the unknown (a la the Reddit Button) and also with the push & pull between good and bad. The team took both those elements to create a game where your actions (being good or bad) affect how long you live as a mortal, and ultimately what role you play once you reach the ‘afterlife.’


Team: Shitty Decision Maker

A website that helps people make decisions based on when and where nature calls a chicken. #chickenpoop.  Once at the website, a user would input their question and possible outcomes (they could also invite their friends to join the decision journey).  This take them to a video frame where their inputs would be digitally mapped over a chicken pen with a real chicken in it that.  Each decision option would receive equal real estate in the pen.  Wherever the chicken ultimately “drops” is the winning decision.  There is a chat function so you and your friends can discuss the suspense, email notification so you can be alerted of your decision without having to watch the chicken, and a share function so you can “share that shit”.


Team: Real A$$ Lyrics

We point to the absurdity of lyrics with literal recreations of them in New Yorker style illustrations, hosted on & @RealAssLyrics on Instagram.  What person wouldn’t want “Get you love drunk off my humps” explained through an image of a camel with humps that serve alcohol.?  Users can submit their drawings to us, and will be eager to reshare images drawn by up and coming artists like Reddit celebrity and Twitter stud @SWatercolour (Who actually contributed to our first batch).