BBP Expands with Piers 3 & 4 and Greenway

Saturday marked the opening of the newest Brooklyn Bridge Park section and final connection of the entire length of the park, from Pier 1 to Pier 6 - The Uplands received much fanfare as tours and marching bands explored the 6 acres at Piers 3 and 4. A new vantage point for Manhattan skyline views, the Uplands offers new pedestrian and bike paths connecting to Atlantic Avenue at the southern end of the park, three more lawns, and a sweeping granite terrace. What appears to be 800 feet of undulating meadows, is actually an engineered 30 foot berm that reduced noise pollution from, the BQE by 75%, ensuring a tranquil waterfront experience.


Plenty of places to hang out: The expansive granite Terrace.

The wide granite steps leading up to the terrace and terrace itself are another nod to eco-friendly design - the granite was salvaged from the  reconstruction of the Roosevelt Island Bridge and demolition of Willis Avenue Bridge.


Not just a meadow, 30 feet of protection: Sound-attenuating berm during construction.


Underneath the Meadows: Hydroseed was applied to burlap, which protects against erosion of the hillside.

Gothamist_IMG_5056.jpg A successful Opening: The Hungry March Band paraded down the new greenway on Saturday.

To plan your visit, check out the park's interactive map!

(Photo sources: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Curbed, Gothamist)