Art Hackathon Winners Debut at The Creators Project

This weekend, you can be among the first to check out an app designed to let you smash your smartphone to smithereens and a puppet powered by a peripheral. These projects, FreeFall High Score and Dis-Kinect were the winners at Art Hack Weekend, an art hackathon hosted by The Creators Project and the innovative art and technology incubator Eyebeam back in August. Here's a look at both:

Dis-Kinect - 55 Washington Street: The creators of Dis-Kinect hacked an Xbox Kinect controller that allows you to control a puppet through your own movements. It's not only a fun exercise, it's also a statement about our digital lives: "People who present their identity on digital platforms try to control something that takes on a life of its own," according to James Donovan from team Dis-Kinect. Users make movements in front of a hacked Xbox Kinect controller that, "translates human movements into the motions of a real life puppet. Participants learn the rules of a complex system, and begin to understand how their actions are refracted through technology. They are encouraged to navigate these physical, digital and analogue transitions through play."

FreeFall High Score - 81 Front Street: Created by the Antagonistic Applications team, this is the first in a planned line of “antagonistic mobile device apps” that intend to subvert our relationship with technology. It encourages you to drop your phone from high places in order to achieve the longest duration of free fall. The app records a video of the fall and uploads it to a global competition page, where a leaderboard keeps tabs on the longest and most dangerously impressive drops. James George of Antagonistic Applications tells us that the Creators Project was a unique opportunity to "pull off our crazy ideas for the event!"

We're looking forward to checking out the results of their Phone Preserver Design Contest in which contestants designed contraptions to save their phones and, with the FreeFall High Score app downloaded, are sending their phones for a plunge. The drop will take place at a super-secret, undisclosed location in Bushwick and the aftermath will be documented and and on display in 81 Front Street all weekend.

It's free to check these out, but you have to RSVP for The Creators Project here.