Andrea Loefke’s Homecoming on view at Smack Mellon

For many years Andrea Loefke’s work has cycled in and around the themes of nature at large and on a more specific level, the extremes of weather. Having experienced the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, this subject matter has become an even more significant topic for her. With Homecoming she has continued her exploration of nature through collecting, sampling, domesticating, enhancing, transforming and re-creating found objects.

"In this site-specific installation, I focus on nature and the extremes of weather systems, creating an otherworldly environment out of everyday objects and found material. Through a formal yet improvised process, natural elements like tree branches are transformed and combined with man-made objects in an attempt to domesticate nature, creating new hybrid forms. Positioned atop a 35’ x 12’ elevated boat-shaped platform these ensembles have found their temporary home from an imagined flood."

Cut and broken trees are the predominant elements of this installation, suggesting destruction and reflecting the remnants of a storm.
Opening Reception for Homecoming is Saturday, November 23, 5-8PM at Smack Mellon.