AGGREGATED: What DUMBO’s Been Digging

In case you missed these... here's what DUMBO's been talking about lately:

  • Galactic renderings: Artists' interpretations of our solar system (via Etsy Blog)
  • Making a toaster from scratch. Yes, that includes mining the iron, copper and nickle needed (via Brain Pickings)
  • Get to know Richard Velloso of Olga Guanabara (via DUMBO NYC)
  • Multi-functional furniture piece acts as a divider, wardrobe and bed (via Swiss Miss)
  • New rules to live by when splitting the check (via How About We...)
  • Big Leo goes for a Dip in the Den. (via Big Leo's Den)
  • Neighborhoodies confirms what most in DUMBO already knew: Hoodies in the workplace work. (via Neighborhoodies Blog)
  • Extremely analog laptop. No delete button, just an eraser. (via Swiss Miss)
  • Nerding out with analytics (via The JAR Group)
  • DUMBO's Evidence Design collaborated with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles to renovate their Dinosaur Hall, which opened this past weekend. More details here. (via Evidence Design)
  • POV's "The Learning," the story of four Filipina women who reluctantly leave their families and schools to teach in Baltimore city, premiered last week to wide acclaim. (via POV Blog)
  • Lay your eyes on some "typographic poetry" (via Swiss Miss)