Adult Fall Classes Roundup!

September always reminds us of the feeling of a new class roster, freshly sharpened pencils and the sense of possibility. Just because you aren’t heading back to school doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a new skill this fall. Check out some of the examples offered around the neighborhood below and see how you can get the most out of autumn in DUMBO. For full lists click the link to each location.

Made in NY Media Center

Monetizing your Podcast: The Climb to Sponsorship:

You already have a podcast that can break through the industry — now learn how to get the traction you need to get noticed and how to collect information on your audience so you can better market your podcast. The class will cover how to sell your podcast spots to sponsors and how much you can charge for these spots. You’ll also learn about multiple other avenues for revenue, including how to get picked up by a podcast network.

Idea to Script: Writing and Indie Feature:

In this one-day, participatory workshop, writers or writer/directors who have an idea for an independent feature film will spend the day clarifying this idea in order to understand its potential. We will examine how structure, genre, and tone can help the writer shape his or her concept, with innovation as the key value in preparation for a competitive landscape ahead.

DIY Distribution & Festival Strategies:

With distribution, marketing, and festival opportunities emerging and shifting with unprecedented speed, filmmakers need to develop a strategy for their films that is built upon the concepts of change and flexibility. This workshop will explore the current landscape and help filmmakers develop a plan for their films that not only reflects the marketplace, but the goals and objectives they have set for their work.

Yoga Vida


For centuries yogis have practiced asanas (postures) to prepare the body for a comfortable seat. The seat is the crucial foundation for beginning- and sustaining – a solid mediation practice. Shutting out the distractions of the outside world and bringing awareness to one point of focus allows us to approach concentration (dharana) and eventually move closer to mediation (dyana). Why do yogis want to mediate and draw all attention inward? Simple: we want to quiet the mind chatter.

For all levels

Flow (candlelit):

Many things are better in a dimly lit rom with flickering candles and yoga is no exception. This open-level class is structured to be simple enough for beginning students but includes variations to challenge on levels and abilities. The style, mood and pace are dependent on the teacher.

For all levels

Creatively Wild

Adult Foundation Art for Beginners:

Develop basic skills and learn new techniques in painting, drawing and 3D art where you will learn; color theory, application, mixing, texture, and composition. We encourage you to develop ideas based on personal subject matter close to your heart that will individualize your work and creative vision. Use materials such as pastels, charcoal, inks, acrylic paint, and learn techniques and new skills: Work in collage; mixed-media and found-object art! Taught by professional teaching artists in a nurturing relaxing studio environment.

For beginners

Adult Expressive Landscape Painting for Beginners:

Work in the medium of your choosing: Pencils, Oils, Watercolors, Acrylics, Pencils or Pastels or even Mixed Media! Get tips from our amazing professional teaching artists, who will nurture you on your journey. Our friendly relaxing studio environment is the perfect place to learn this enriching craft of painting. Devise finished pieces of artwork of your favorite landscapes and locations to proudly bring home and display in your home or give as gifts to those you love!

For beginners 

American Sign Language NYC

ASL 1: Basic:

In a Basic class you’ll find a new approach to learning American Sign Language (ASL). Have you tried learning from a book or through online instruction and still have no clue? This course teaches shapes, numbers, the alphabet, and introductory level conversations to enhance your ability to build upon the language. These beginner courses provide a non-intimidating environment for you to explore a language for the first time.

For Beginners 

Martinez Academy of Arms

Beginner Fencing at Gelsey Kirkland:

Students begin learning footwork, the proper manner of gripping the weapon and positions of the hand. Along with this foundation they will also learn the centuries old etiquette that exists in a traditional school of fencing.

For Beginners

Pigeonholed Theater

Clown I: In The Beginning:

This intro class is based in the pursuit of the clown in all of us: you as the "little one" who played with abandon and wasn't yet socialized, the actor with a desire to uncover the beautiful, the violent, the passionate, the mysterious, and the funny with an intense curiosity. There's no politeness, no worrying, no apologizing. Clowning will help you fight your fears and identify and combat your inhibitions onstage; you'll work toward that messy, scary, FUN place of absolute generosity and vulnerability.

For Beginners

Gleason's Gym


Start boxing at Gleason’s Gym the self-proclaimed “Cathedral of Boxing” where countless big names have trained. Become a member or train with one of the 92 trainers who “will bargain with you.” This gym, though it means business when it comes to boxing, is very welcoming to first-timers

Valrhona Chocolate

Elevated Nostalgic Treats:

We all have that one treat which always bring back our inner child. This Back to School Season, Chef Tracy Wilk will be sharing some of her recipes and tips and tricks to help you bake those memorable treats, and kick them up a notch.

Surprise your friends and family with these nostalgic and delicious treats, and take them down memory lane while bonding over childhood stories.

For all levels of chocolate-lovers

The Cliffs at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Learn to Crush Clinic:

A great place for first-timers and beginners to start! Learn basic techniques while getting acquainted with the facility + community.Learn to Crush Clinic

For beginners