Absolute Must: Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

It's epic. It's majestic. It's lives up to the hype. When the Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883, it provided a new, vital link for Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Today, almost 130 years later, the Bridge continues to transport people and cars across the East River.

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is an activity beloved by New Yorkers and visitors alike.  For some the Bridge is a way to work, for others it’s the gym, for many it’s just for leisure, and for all, it is a great symbol of New York.

Here are our tips for making the most of your Great Bridge experience:

  • Look north to see the other magnificent bridges that span the East River – the Manhattan Bridge (completed 1909) and the Williamsburg Bridge (completed 1903).
  • Check out the new New York by Gehry - the newest addition to the Manhattan skyline and watch 1 World Trade Center rising as well.
  • On the Brooklyn side - check out the Clock Tower Building at One Main Street in DUMBO and all the tiny people hanging out in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Watch the ferries come in and out.
  • As a pedestrian (for your safety), be alert and aware of bike traffic in the bike lane on the north side of the foot path.
  • Hang a left down the stairs and into DUMBO!

Walking into DUMBO: At the base of the stairs, you will find a map showing all the destinations in DUMBO; use the QR code on the map for a current list of events and activities going on in the neighborhood. You'll even pick up Free DUMBO WiFi on your phone to get back on this site and plan your visit.

As you head into DUMBO, look up at the Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway public art installation, "This Way." The installation, a project of Tillett Lighting Design Inc. and KT3D LLC, was commissioned by the City of New York—Percent for Art, and the DUMBO Improvement District to commemorate the Bridge’s 125th anniversary. “This Way” simultaneously performs as place-making and way-finding guiding pedestrians to the entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge with a distinctive blue glow.