A Closer Look at the BQX: DUMBO’s Streetcar

If you haven't heard by now, the waterfront is about to become more accessible than ever. In February, Mayor Bill De Blasio announced that a new streetcar transportation system called the BQX will serve to connect the waterfront communities in Brooklyn and Queens. But what does the BQX streetcar really mean for DUMBO?

Initially, the BQX streetcar project started out as a review of a streetcar proposal requested by Two Trees in DUMBO. The city has conducted an assessment of the proposal and has found that the proposed $1.5 billion budget will actually cost $2.5 billion. However, as POLITICO New York points out, the streetcar proposal is a feasible project. The BQX streetcar will serve approximately 45,000 to 50,000 people and help improve many communities along the waterfront. The assessment found that the streetcar will reduce commute time in half which includes travel between Queensbridge and the Navy Yard. Currently, the assessment assumes that riders will not have pay an additional fare to use the MTA. If all goes well, the city hopes to bring the streetcar service to the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront by 2024.