1stAveMachine Swaps Soho for DUMBO

DUMBO's thriving tech scene just added some depth with new neighbor 1stAveMachine. Last week the award-winning collective of international directors, artists, designers and scientists swapped its Soho office for DUMBO, with new digs at 231 Front Street, a former factory designed by renowned architect William B. Tubby and built in 1908.

"The DUMBO environment is industrially refreshing," said creative development producer Joel Inchaustegui. "Being in Soho we were confining ourselves into small offices with hardly any room to flex our creative muscles. Making this epic move to DUMBO allows us to to be right at home with the upcoming art locals and creative heavy hitters."

(Last fall, Casserole Labs made headlines with its move from Soho to 231 Front Street. See a pattern here?)

On March 14, 1stAveMachine is throwing a little Studio Opening party to mix and mingle with fellow DUMBO creatives, techies and innovators. (You're invited! For event details, email RSVP@1stavemachine.com.)

We like your style already, 1stAveMachine. Welcome to DUMBO.