10 DUMBO Tech/Design/Media Blogs to Read Right Now

Facial recognition features on Facebook. Teaching an iPhone to play pinball using machine learning. Embracing vinyl in the digital age. DUMBO is home to a myriad of fascinating companies and thinkers— we're always tapping into our neighborhood for insights and ideas. Whatever your interest, chances are someone in DUMBO is writing about it! Here are ten DUMBO-based blogs covering tech, media, art, and education to get you started.


Vice technology news

What we're reading: Facebook Now Lets You Know When You Show Up in a Picture You're Not Tagged in “Facebook first rolled out facial recognition technology on its site in 2010, detecting who appeared in your photos and suggesting who you might want to tag. Tuesday's update appeared to take that a major step further: You can be notified each time a photo of you is uploaded to the site, and be able to tag yourself, message the person who posted it, let Facebook know you're not actually pictured, or report it.” Read the full story here.


Music industry news, advice, New Music Fridays, and more

What we're reading: How to Successfully Build Relationships in the Music Industry “While talent is an important part of creating a lasting career, there’s another piece that’s just as, if not more, important: who you know. While some might find that unfair or daunting, I see it as an incredible opportunity to build connection and opportunities based off friendships and human connection." Read the full story here.

Think Work Media

Digital marketing news

What we're reading: Watch Out: Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 "Not a day goes by without many tiny changes in Google’s algorithms, Facebook’s advertising platform, or trending memes. Consumer’s interests are always fluctuating and with each passing year older technology gets replaced by something newer, faster, and more interesting. This year, we as digital marketers are seeing trends in artificial intelligence, a new generation of consumers, and more." Read the full story here.


Your home for live music. Everything from fun music-related articles to Staff Picks of gigs, venues, and albums

What we're reading: Staff Picks: Gigs "Being a technology company at the heart of live music it’s no surprise that we attract people who spend most nights of the week out at shows. I think the office record is 5 nights straight at gigs. Let’s leave it to the team to do the rest of the talking…" Read the full story here.

Small Planet

Small Planet makes iOS and Android applications for exceptional clients. Their blog shares updates on Small Planet projects, products, and the general tech arena in which they operate.

What we're reading: Machine Learning 101: The basics of machine learning possible on iOS devices using CoreML “What will our robot overlords be really good at? It’s a question we spend a LOT of time thinking about. To figure it out, we decided to teach an iPhone to play pinball with machine learning." Read more and watch Small Planet's video about machine learning here.


Magenta is a blog for people who think about the relationship between people, technology, and design like it's their job. It is curated by the editorial team at Huge.

What we're reading: A Primer on Weird Vinyl Design “Embracing vinyl in the 21st century isn’t just about being hip; it’s about reclaiming a physical relationship with our music, one that has largely been lost in today’s streaming age." Read the full story here.


News, updates, and educational tech tips straight from Flocabulary HQ. Flocabulary offers 800+ educational videos with a hip-hop twist, a free 60-day trial, as well as specialized and timely lesson plans.

What we're reading: How to Talk to Your Students About Fake News “Our students are growing up in a time where even traditional media sources can publish stories without definitively verifying the information. And once something is online, viewed and shared, it’s hard to rescind... Flocabulary has part of the solution with the Fake News unit. This unit addresses the issue, highlights pitfalls, and teaches vocabulary.” Read more here.


Etsy's blog features shops, DIY trends and how-tos, and inspirational artists.

What we're reading: Featured Shop: One Man, One Garage “Marcus and SJ use their garage as a workshop and laboratory, designing and fabricating original laser-cut kits that assemble into lamps, birdhouses, planters, maps, ornaments, and more. With over 15,000 Etsy sales, this team thrives on nonstop innovation. 'It’s totally based on passion,' says Marcus. 'If you’ve got the drive, you can do it. We’re living proof of that.'” Read the full story here.

Big Duck

Brand building and communication blog for non-profits

What we're reading: A project manager's guide to consolidating feedback like a pro “The process of consolidating feedback isn’t just a matter of placing everyone’s feedback into one place (although that is part of it also!), but rather it’s the art of pulling out the decisions, connecting the dots, and pushing folks to reach consensus at key moments." Read the full story here.


Easy-to-consume opinion articles, insight, tips, and curated material to enhance educational impact. Amplify offers education strategy to educate both educator and parent alike.

What we're reading: For Parents: Digital Games — Distraction or Learning Tools? “Today, many parents struggle with complex dilemmas as they try to raise strong, vibrant kids and mold them into empathic, global citizens. One such contemporary quandary involves identifying the place of games in their children’s lives. This post provides some pragmatic advice to help parents make up their minds about games." Read the full story here.

BONUS! Selman Design Peace Posts

Weekly portraits featuring peace advocates from around the world.

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