1 Year Later: DUMBO’s Sandy Update

Below, an update on the most impacted by Sandy in DUMBO:

DUMBO businesses / arts update:

  • Many of DUMBO's retailers and arts organizations washed out by Sandy took extraordinary measures to get their doors back open within a few weeks of Sandy. To name a few: Galapagos Art Space (even opened in early November for the DUMBO Improvement District fundraiser, despite requiring further repair!); One Girl Cookies; PowerHouse Arena;  Brooklyn Roasting Company.
  • Others - like Almondine, Aegir Boardworks, SmackMellon, Punto Bianco, White Wave Theater + Rabbit Hole studios, needed months to recover - but we are thrilled to have their doors open once more!
  • Where recovery was not possible, we have renewal: Governor was sold and Atrium has brought foodies back to Main Street; Water Street Bar and Grill will soon be replaced with a new bar and restaurant... stay tuned!

DUMBO residential update:

  • 30 Main Street tells us that "the units that were most affected by sandy should be complete by Thanksgiving", with the rest of the work on the building completed soon after that.  25 Washington Street and 66 Water Street are fully restored. And 1 Main has all the elevators fixed and are mid-major restoration of the lobby - which should be completed this fall as well.

Brooklyn Bridge Park update:

  • The park restored the much beloved Pirate Play Ground on Main Street, restored power and lights throughout, and replaced plants damaged by the storm over the course of this planting season.
  • And Jane's Carousel is back at it's prime and recently added a new a new flood protection system, donated by Jane and David Walentas.