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Susan Stainman, Mimi Oritsky, Ann Stoddard: Dream Bird, Hatching the Egg, Floating Trails, Seeing Things

A.I.R. Gallery is pleased to present three solo exhibitions:

“Dream Bird, Hatching the Egg,” by New York Artist Susan Stainman. Stainman’s second solo exhibition at A.I.R. presents an immersive installation of soft sculptures that explores the interconnection between Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and the creative process.

The exhibition “Floating Trails,” Mimi Oritsky continues to investigate paint, perception and the natural world. This recent series of oil paintings touches the subtle temperature of a place and its temporary moods with a bright meditative consciousness.

“Seeing Things” by Ann Stoddard presents hybrid media approaches inviting participation in the artistic deconstruction of racial and ethnic profiling.

On view 2017-11-16 to  2017-11-17