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Six Artists: Inter-dimensional Beings

Time is the only resource we can’t replenish, and it’s the one aspect of all of our lives that we’re still struggling to understand. Scientists and philosophers have hypothesized on the machinations of time for millennia, but science has yet to unlock the mysteries of time’s ebb and flow.

Nonetheless, we are all time-travelers. Whether we’re journeying to distant memories or looking ahead to future possibilities, we’re constantly traversing time and often struggling to reconcile our pasts and futures with the present.

Each of the six artists taking part in Interdimensional Beings look at time from different angles. Whether it’s the passage of time on a cosmic scale, the potential ramifications of time travel, or merely how we reminisce about the past, Interdimensional Beings seeks to elucidate the myriad ways inn which time impacts us all on a daily basis, and how our evolving relationships with time still have the possibility to amaze and inspire.

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