Art + Culture

Returning to Reims

Based on the memoir by Didier Eribon

Directed by Thomas Ostermeier
Featuring Homeland’s Nina Hoss

A sound studio. An actress records a voiceover for a documentary.  Philospher Didier Eribon, returning to his childhood home, discovers that the left-wing and liberal middle-class have abandoned the working-class, and workers are running into the arms of the right-wing National Front. How is this possible? How have things come to this? As populism marches around the globe, does political activism still have a role to play?

Featuring Homeland’s Nina Hoss in a “magnetic” performance, director Thomas Ostermeier “turns the stage into a source of living debate, … a poignant political drama about change and the left’s disregard of the working class.” (The Guardian). His production provides a key understanding of what’s gripping contemporary society.

American Premiere!

Run Time: Approx. 2 hours with no intermission

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