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Q+A with Yvette Pasqua

Q&A is a speaker series hosted by Work & Co that features inspiring people across a variety of industries.

Yvette Pasqua is the CTO of Meetup. She leads one of the top engineering teams in New York City with a focus on continuous learning, innovation, and using data to launch software that brings people together around the world to do what matters to them.

With over 32 million members in over 180 countries, Meetup’s members build networking groups and communities based on shared passions that range from figure drawing to robotics to marathon training. At any given time, there are 6,000 meetups happening, and out of the 280,000 registered Meetup groups, 30,000+ groups are dedicated to technology.

Yvette joined Meetup in 2015 to bring her passion for continuous learning and data-driven product development to the influential platform. Prior to joining Meetup, Yvette held leadership roles at startups and agencies, including helping to build the popular dating app, Grindr.

Work & Co Associate Partner of Technology, Oliver Dore, will lead a Q&A with Pasqua that will uncover Meetup’s secrets to building and maintaining a product at scale. They will touch on Meetup’s unique approach to product development (including its famous hackathons), the company’s approach to accessibility, and the role of community in strengthening individuals and cities for the better.

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