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NY Studio Resident Artists: Anti-Pro

The AICAD / New York Studio Residency Program invites you to Anti-Pro, a one night only group exhibition. The NYSRP’s residents, which represent a diverse group of students from art schools across the country, will be presenting an exhibition of their finished work from the fifteen week residency with themes including youth culture, childhood, play, innocence, social engagement, surveillance, fashion, the body, and tautologies.

The Spring 2016 residents have engaged in many discussions regarding the hyper-professionalization of the emerging artist and a system that favors the pretense of legitimacy, The residency itself is a step outside the typical institutional system of contemporary art education. With this in mind, we are asked to find a balance between the art world’s communal structure and value systems. Furthermore, we are pressured to make a living in a system of drastically unbalanced economies.

In their response to this current climate in the art-world, the Spring 2016 residents participating in Anti-Pro, choose a guarded skepticism rather than a cynicial response to this system. Overall, the Spring 2016 residents favor optimism by practicing sincere, fluid, and unconstrained approaches to art making.

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