March First Thursday

March 2
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

DUMBO’s First Thursday Gallery Walk is March 2, and we’ve got your guide to the robust line-up of openings, performances and cultural activity right here!

First, stop by the Archway Under the Manhattan Bridge to see Drift, a public sculpture by DUMBO-based artist Leonard Uraschi. The piece consists of concrete casts of driftwood salvaged from the Brooklyn banks of the East River and the river’s old wooden piers. Uraschi positions the tree trunks root-side-up, disorienting viewers’ perceptions and expectations. This is your last month to experience the piece–it will be on view in the Archway through the end of March.

This month, there are a handful of openings with the opportunity to meet the artists: at CREATIVEBLOCH will be hosting exhibitions by over 25 art students from the School of Visual Arts, or join This Friday or Next Friday for some brushes and beer to get a chance to paint a design created by the artist.  Plus, photographers featured on “Familiar Stranger” at A.I.R Gallery and “Wait Watchers” at United Photo Industries will project the social environment from a unique perspective.

Plus, projected onto the Manhattan Bridge, Light Year will present “Digital Fairy Tales: Album Two“, the second set of visual + sound pieces inspired by old German tales collected by Xavier von Schönwerth in the early 19th century. This presentation of weird and wonderful tales will bring ancient archetypal contexts and references into the 21st century. Projections start at 6pm in Pearl Street Triangle and continue until 10pm.

Galleries will stay open ’til 8pm – plenty of time to scope out new art and pop into one of DUMBO’s small shops and grab a bite at one of the neighborhood’s many restaurants and bars.

Map of participating venues is here.

About Light Year 23: Digital Fairy Tales: Album Two 

LIGHT YEAR 22: DIGITAL FAIRY TALES: ALBUM TWO Video Art Exhibit projected onto the Manhattan Bridge Thursday, March 2 6 - 10pm In the Pearl Street Triangle (Water St & Pearl St.) DUMBO, Brooklyn Curated by Leo Kuelbs and Sandra Ratkovic Artists: Keegan Luttrell + Justin King, Daniela Kostova + Anna Leevia, Daniela Imhoff, Kristian Pedersen + Elke Brauweiler, Anton Marini & Danielle Ezzo, Boris Kralj + Matresanch, Michael McGuirk + Alex Hamadey Curators Leo Kuelbs and Sandra Ratkovic present “Digital Fairy Tales: Album Two,” the second set of visual + sound pieces inspired by old German tales collected by Xavier von

About Digital Fairy Tales: Album Two 

Curators Leo Kuelbs and Sandra Ratkovic present “Digital Fairy Tales: Album Two,” the second set of visual + sound pieces inspired by old German tales collected by Xavier von Schönwerth in the early 19th century. This presentation of weird and wonderful tales will bring ancient archetypal contexts and references into the 21st century. By creating this bridge through time, “Digital Fairy Tales” will reveal and enliven commonalities of the collective subconscious covering the 150-year period in question and beyond. Also, through the use of digital media, notions of storytelling are allowed to evolve, just as they have throughout history. “Digital

About Haley Morris-Cafiero: Wait Watchers 

For Wait Watchers, Haley Morris-Cafiero set up a camera in a public area and photograph the scene as she perform mundane tasks while strangers pass by her. She then examined the images to see if any of the passersby had a critical or questioning element in their face or body language. Haley considers her photographs a social experiment as she reverse the gaze back on to the stranger and place the viewer in the position of being a passive witness to a moment in time. She places the camera on a tripod and takes hundreds of photographs. The resulting images

About SVA Art Squad + CREATIVEBLOCH: A Student Exhibition 

Come to the opening reception of the SVA Art Squad at CREATIVEBLOCH and meet the artists. Wine will be served. Come see some of the best work from the School of Visual Arts as over 25 art students make their first public exhibition. This is an exclusive event at CREATIVEBLOCH. If you would like to support the show, visit Exhibition ends March 31st.

About Karin Malpeso: Spring Alum Exhibit 

The New York Studio School Dumbo Sculpture Studio presents the work of Alum Karin Malpeso. Join us during the Opening March 2nd, 6-9pm, and listen to an Artist Talk with Malpeso April 6, 7:30 pm.  Open on Fridays 2-6pm by appointment. Exhibition ends April 14th.

About HELEN SEAR: Wild Flower Arrangements, View Finder and Becoming Forest 

A selection of 15 photographic artworks, from three series—Becoming Forest, View Finder and Wild Flower Arrangements—will be exhibited February 22–April 28, 2017. The exhibition celebrates Helen Sear’s most recent artistic endeavors, following her successful exhibition as a solo artist at the 2015 Venice Biennale.

About Lauren Comito: Folding Frame 

Lauren Comito uses photo transfer to create an installation of mirrored objects that reference memory and the human body. Join Tfnf for brushes and beer. Paint a design by the artist in a casual atmosphere while enjoying a beer on tap. The exhibition ends March 3rd.

About Beau Torres: In Vogue 

In Vogue is a series of collage work using found magazine material sourced from Vogue and other art, design, and fashion magazines. These works are an exploration in physical collage in response to the collage aesthetic found in my own street photography. The imagery draws inspiration from religious iconography and commentary on art history and the art market. Exhibition ends; March 29th.

About Manal Abu-Shaheen:Familiar Stranger 

Familiar Stranger brings together a selection of black and white landscape and street photographs from Manal Abu-Shaheen’s ongoing series Beirut. Shot in the city where she was born this series explores the monumental scale of western advertising in relationship to the post-war developing urban setting. Abu-Shaheen examines how the idealized image of one culture interacts with the reality of another. Exhibition ends; March 12th.

About Elisabeth Munro Smith: What Goes, What Stays: New Constructions 

What Goes, What Stays is about dismantling, discarding and change. Smith focuses on the house in its landscape, and the roads and maps that connect the house to the world beyond. Each of the three large works in the exhibition tells a fragment of a narrative, and follows the theme of transformation and travel across time and space. Exhibition ends March 12th.

About Ann Pachner: The Blossom as the Self- Meditation on the Other 

For the past four decades, Ann Pachner's artistic practice has been primarily devoted to woodcarving. In the last ten years, she has introduced digital printmaking to her body of work. The expansion of her practice adds a foundation color to the flowing lines and stillness of the woodcarving, allowing for a deepening of emotional tone. Both the process of carving and the use of arabesque lines in her printmaking share the gesture of repetition that focuses and clears the mind allowing an opening, a glimpse into the Other – into the presence of the unknown. Exhibition ends March 12th.

About Katarina Wong: Daybreak 

For "Daybreak," Wong combines painting and assemblage with DIY craft techniques to create a sense of light even in the dark of winter. The window is viewable from the street 24/7 at 1 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY The exhibition ends, March 2nd.

About Borderless: In Residence 

Borderless: In Residence features artists who have participated in NYFA’s national and international residency programs through partnerships with Wayne State University in Detroit, the University of Arts in London, Basil Alkazzi Artist-in-Residence, the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Artist in Residence, the Jamaican Center for Arts and Learning, Times Square Alliance, the Sheldon Museum, Flux Factory and the Node Center for Curatorial Studies.

About Freya Powell: The Silence of the Unsaid 

Art in General is pleased to announce an exhibition with Freya Powell as part of its New Commissions Program. The collective works on view engage issues around distance, separation, and empathy in relationship to various landscapes. The show will feature Powell’s new video, The Silence of the Unsaid. This project traces the history of an Athena missile that was launched by the U.S. military in July of 1970 from a base in Green River, Utah to test re-entry speeds and impact. The missile lost control, went about 400 miles off course, and crashed in a Mexican desert known locally as

About Priscila De Carvalho: Before Now 

Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP) is pleased to welcome Before Now, a new, site-specific installation by artist Priscila De Carvalho. The Brazilian-born, New York-based De Carvalho took inspiration from the park’s natural and built environments as well as the area’s history to create the original work. The installation consists of intricate, colorful murals along the walls of 99 Plymouth’s entry gallery, as well as captivating light box drawings displayed in its Community Room.

About Jan Groover and Hanno Otten: GEOMETRIES 

A conversation of photographs by Hanno Otten and Jan Groover Geometry is defined as “the shape and relative arrangement of the parts of something.” In their photography Jan Groover and Hanno Otten are pursuing the notation of size, shape, planes, and space. A preoccupation with picture space is what drives the work of these two photographers.  

About Storytellers: Curated by Andreana Donahue and Tim Ortiz 

Storytellers is a selection of works by artists who reimagine and reinvent the essential practice of telling stories through visual art. Each work represents aspects of a complex personal narrative, glimpses into alternate realities created with diverse materials and processes — Miranda Delgai’s reflection of Navajo tradition and identity through weaving, Billy White’s multivalent hand-built ceramics, or the effortless humor of Michael Pellew’s pop culture inspired drawings. The narratives these artists construct are not only imaginative inventions, but broader representations of their experiences and highly original perspectives. Curated by Tim Ortiz and Andreana Donahue, this group exhibition includes five LAND

About Drift drifts into the Archway 

A new public art sculpture takes up residence in DUMBO