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Light Year presents “New Video Art from Berlin”

For December First Thursday, 3_Search continues its LIGHT YEAR series with a set of new video works from an array of Berlin-based artists. Curated by German video/sound artist Daniele Imhoff, LIGHT YEAR 8: “New Video Art from Berlin” is an eight video overview of what’s happening in the academic realms of Germany’s New Media scene.

The series features artists Kristian Paustian, Laszlo Antal, Daniela Imhof, Sarah Mock, Anna Maysuk, Franz Reimer, Henrike Naumann, and Franziska Kabisch, and is curated by Daniela Imhoff. Presented by 3_Search: Leo Kuelbs Collection, John Ensor Parker & Glowing Bulbs.

From April 2015 – April 2016, the Manhattan Bridge comes alive with “Light Year,” a one-year program of projected video art presented the First Thursday of every month. In honor of the United Nations’ declaration of 2015 as The Year of Light and Light Art, “Light Year” includes a well-rounded program of video artists from around the globe. Curated, created and presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection, John Ensor Parker and Glowing Bulbs (aka 3_Search), “Light Year” reveals surprising connections and highlights DUMBO’s role as an important hub for technology and the arts.