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Key Change

This First Thursday, join AGENCY by Meta Meta Meta LLC in their project space at 20 Jay Street, Suite M14 for the closing reception of Key Change, featuring works by Mark Joshua Epstein, Jackie Feng, Glendalys Medina, Catherine Richards, and Emil Robinson. Curated by Eric Sutphin.

This exhibition takes as its starting point the idea of key changes in musical composition. Each of the works presented asks us to consider how musical principles are translated into a visual vocabulary. A key change represents a momentary rupture, a shift, and a critical transition. Each artist’s work conveys aural characteristics which reverberate outward, stirring one to consider painting and sculpture as multi-sensory and elastic.  Just as form, color, line, and surface are the chief formal properties at work, so too do the properties of lyricism, cadence, tempo, beat and counterpoint apply. The work presented converts and transmits these components into their visual equivalents.