February First Thursday

February 1
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Our First Thursday Gallery Walk is February 1, and we’ve got your guide to the robust line-up of openings, performances and cultural activity right here!

This month, be sure to make it to the Made in NY Media Center for the opening reception of Crap: A Beeple Retrospective, featuring the mesmerizing works of Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple. The artist will be in attendance, so this event is not to be missed. Then head around the corner to Triangle Arts Association to meet their current artists-in-residence from Finland, France, Japan, and the United States and see their work (before their residencies come to a close at the end of the month!) Continue up the block to A.I.R. Gallery where artist Parastoo Ahoon will be performing “The Beginning Choice,” a piece that looks at the right to life from the perspective of a fetus.

Plus, projected onto the Manhattan Bridge, Light Year will present a series of videos that explore light, time, and the creation of transcendent experiences. Projections begin at dusk and continue until 10pm. Best place to view is from the Pearl Street Triangle (or the restaurants on that block!)

Galleries will stay open ’til 8pm – plenty of time to scope out new art and pop into one of DUMBO’s small shops and grab a bite at one of the neighborhood’s many restaurants and bars. And while you’re out, stop by Blanc and Rouge for their weekly wine tasting!

First Thursday is presented in conjunction with Art in DUMBO.

About Light Year 34: Light + Time + Experimentation 

LIGHT YEAR 34: Light + Time + Experimentation Video Art Exhibit projected onto the Manhattan Bridge Thursday, February 1 6 - 10pm In the Pearl Street Triangle (Water St & Pearl St.) DUMBO, Brooklyn This show brings together a diverse group of 7 artists from around the world, with a shared passion for light, time, experimentation, and the creation of transcendent experiences. A variety of technical interpretations are employed in the collection, spanning the spectrum of analog and digital light art. Slide projection, liquid projection, Lumia, lasers, the use of prisms, analog video synthesis, photography, digital machines, digital display, and the writing of code are

About Claudia Bitran: Earth Line 

Earth Line is a new, site-specific installation by artist Claudia Bitran. Created using ordinary household refuse, the installation consists of a 3D representation of the New York City skyline as seen from BBP, as well as a series of photographs highlighting the intricate detail of the work. The New York-based artist’s installation reveals the impact of the city landscape, and the objects the same city discards. The installation will be on view until February 17.

About Zach Blas: Contra-Internet 

Art in General presents Contra-Internet, the first-ever solo exhibition in New York by artist Zach Blas and the world premiere of his new film, Jubilee 2033. Contra-Internet confronts the growing hegemony of the internet through installation, video works, CGI animation, glow-in-the-dark text, blown-glass sculptures and a single-edition publication titled The End of the Internet (As We Knew It). At the center of the exhibition is Blas’s timely, queer science fiction film, Jubilee 2033, which presents a futuristic, genderless society rising from the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Silicon Valley. The exhibition will be on view until April 21.

About Rudy Shepherd: Everything in the Universe is My Brother / Theresa Ganz: Wave Room 

Rudy Shepherd: Everything in the Universe is My Brother Rudy Shepherd's solo exhibition features several bodies of work that are part of the artist's ongoing investigation into the nature of evil. Portraits of criminals and victims, along with recently deceased celebrities, and paintings of violent news images attempt to capture our collective consciousness. Theresa Ganz: Wave Room Theresa Ganz's solo exhibition is a meditation on how humans cope when the social order is threatened by cataclysmic events such as natural disaster, war, or political crisis. Lining the walls of the space are digitally collaged, printed images of ancient Roman towns

About John Zinsser: Oil Paintings 

MINUS SPACE is pleased to present the solo exhibition John Zinsser: Oil Paintings. This is the Brooklyn-based artist’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition will be on view until February 24.

About Cut and Paste / ABORTION 

A.I.R. Gallery proudly presents "Cut and Paste," featuring NY artist Liz Surbeck Biddle and her daughter Megan Biddle, and "ABORTION," curated by Barbara Zucker featuring works by 70 artists. This First Thursday, artist Parastoo Ahoon will perform "The Beginning Choice," which looks at the right to life from the perspective of a fetus. If a fetus had the ability to make an informed decision on whether or not it wanted to be brought into this reality, what choice would it make? "Cut and Paste" Liz Surbeck Biddle Megan Biddle "ABORTION" Curated by Barbara Zucker Featuring: Adrienne Jenkins, Alexander Bernon, Amy Cannestra,

About Triangle Arts Association: Winter Open Studios 

Join Triangle to celebrate their Winter Residency Season. Meet current residents from Finland, France, Japan, and the United States. View their work and studios before their residencies come to a close at the end of February. Artists-In-Residence: Heather Hart (US) Antti Nyyssölä (Finland) João Enxuto & Erica Love (US) Masahito Ono (US/Japan) Students-In-Residence from the Clermont Ferrand School of Fine Arts, France: Clément Dupont Valentine Traverse Clélia Barthelon Matthieu Dussol

About Key Change 

This First Thursday, join AGENCY by Meta Meta Meta LLC in their project space at 20 Jay Street, Suite M14 for the closing reception of Key Change, featuring works by Mark Joshua Epstein, Jackie Feng, Glendalys Medina, Catherine Richards, and Emil Robinson. Curated by Eric Sutphin. This exhibition takes as its starting point the idea of key changes in musical composition. Each of the works presented asks us to consider how musical principles are translated into a visual vocabulary. A key change represents a momentary rupture, a shift, and a critical transition. Each artist’s work conveys aural characteristics which reverberate outward,

About Crap: A Beeple Retrospective 

This First Thursday, join the Made in NY Media Center at the opening reception of Crap: A Beeple Retrospective for free wine and beer, with the artist in attendance! The Made in NY Media Center is excited to present Crap: A Beeple Retrospective, compiling the works of Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple. His short, looping VJ clips are windows into different worlds, frequently with different laws of physics, different color palettes, and populated by different forms of life that traditional science could have never imagined. Curated by Thomas D. Rotenberg, this retrospective includes more than 60 videos that Beeple

About Nancy Baker 

Nancy Baker will exhibit a site-specific/large scale installation with mixed media collage. The exhibit will be on view until February 26.

About Blanc & Rouge 

Blanc & Rouge is a wine shop that has been serving DUMBO since 2000. The name is French, in honor of the founder's nationality and passion, but the stock is international, covering all major wine producing regions.