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Digital Fairy Tales: Chinese Stories

This First Thursday, join the Made in NY Media Center at the opening reception of “Digital Fairy Tales: Chinese Stories” for free wine and beer, with the artists and curators in attendance!

The Made in NY Media Center by IFP is proud to partner with Leo Kuelbs Collection to present “Digital Fairy Tales: Chinese Stories,” the third installment of the Digital Fairy Tales series, which has appeared in multiple cities since 2016. The purpose of the series is to present archetypal material from different cultures and ask artists to respond in search of cultural commonalities.  Also, as the times the tales were created in (represented on all levels) is so far removed from this new, digital era, the artists seek to create bridges through time: between people and epochs.

Featuring: Rani Messias + Anna Leevia, Suguru Ikeda + Isis Salam, Nicole Antebi + Xiren Wang, Lian Mengzhuo + Kinga Toth, Nina Sobell + Laura Ortman, Làszlò Zsolt Bordos, Junjie Zhang + Theory, and Vivian Qin.

The exhibition will be on view until March 31.

Register for the opening reception here.