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Bargemusic Here and Now Series

In celebration of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on its 50th Anniversary
Lois V Vierk Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (1990)
Jed Distler Assault On Pepper (1997)
William Schimmel Beata-Partita (1992)
Friedrich Gulda Variationen Über “Light My Fire” (1968)
Frederic Rzewski Fantasy (1989)
Jed Dissler, piano

Bargemusic is New York City’s floating concert hall, moored in Brooklyn just under the Brooklyn Bridge. Walk across the gangplank of a renovated coffee barge into a “wonderfully intimate wood-paneled room with thrilling views of lower Manhattan and excellent acoustics.” Experience why critics call Bargemusic “the perfect chamber-music hall” and why artists say it is “unlike any other place in the world to perform.”