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About A Streetcar Named Desire 

Gillian Anderson and Ben Foster will feature in St. Ann's new show!

About Bianco! 

Internationally renowned circus lands for a limited time in Brooklyn Bridge!

About Brooklyn Flea 

Drop by for some amazing finds and good food!

About Various Artists: Shifters 

The project speaks to theories arguing that language as a social agreement is not passive or fixed, but rather, it possesses the potential to reimagine structures of power.

About Live at the Archway: Los Hacheros 

"At the risk of being mistaken for hyperbole, “Bambulaye” navigates a level of interaction many bands will go their entire existence without attaining."–The Vinyl District

About Light Year presents “Japan Parade” 

Eight video artists use modern animation and high-tech methods to explore traditional Japanese art.

About Earl Funk: Some Things Considered 

Earl Funk is a tattoo artist, mural artist, and painter whose exhibit titled 'Some Things Considered' was painted in acrylic spray, acrylic brush paint, and acrylic paint markers. "...of all the things there are in life to consider for artistic subject matter, I spend most of my time only considering a few" - the artist. For more about Earl Funk ,visit:

About Colleen Flanigan and Judith Pleva: NYC Oyster Project 

Inspired by Brooklyn’s native oyster reefs, NYC Oyster Project will feature color photographs of Colleen Flanigan's underwater sculptures and an installation of Judith Pleva’s unbound multimedia scrapbook. Flanigan and Pleva’s work illuminates the beauty of marine life as well as the relationships between organisms in New York City’s waterways. This immersive installation examines the kindred associations between organisms and their environment and sheds light on the benevolent influence of public parks and nature reserves on the human psyche. NYC Oyster Project celebrates the improvement to the New York Harbor’s human environment provided by the construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park. For

About Made in NY: Human Meets Technology 

How do humans and technology interact with one another? And what effect does this have on our culture and the world around us? Those are the questions being asked in Human Meets Technology, the new exhibition co-curated by EyeEm and the Made in NY Media Center by IFP. The human/machine line is blurring – the gap between the two is only getting smaller – and it is time to celebrate this in all its terrifying, fascinating beauty. Technology has long been a unifying force, the great equalizer that brings new ways of thinking, working, and living to people in even


Bloch & Caiazza are back with their popular gallery show with drinks, music, art and conversation. Come meet the artists and learn about their techniques. Prints, merchandise, and originals will be available for purchase.

About Yusuke Abe: I must be a great one 

Please join This Friday or Next Friday for a painting tour de force by one of Tokyo's great young artists Yusuke Abe. The artist will be present for a special Paint and Sip. $20 to participate (must be 21 years of age), the exhibition is free. Tickets can be purchased at the gallery at the time of the event. On view through June 24, 2016.

About In The Secret Garden: National Artists Exhibition 

In the Secret Garden is a survey of artistic trends and conceptual explorations by women artists throughout the United States. The exhibition explores a broad spectrum of related imagery and thematic associations. The trope of the garden is used to underscore the relationships among artists working in different parts of the country and making works that can be explored together in meaningful ways. In The Secret Garden is curated by Rocío Aranda-Alvarado, Senior Curator at El Museo del Barrio. On view through June 26, 2016.

About Cornelia Hediger: Puppenhaus 

Klompching Gallery presents an exhibition of vintage ilfochrome photographs from the archive of American artist, Frederic Weber, including pieces from 'Primary Light' and 'Memento Mori'. On view through July 9, 2016

About It’s a Luau! 

Hula on over and join the fun at Recess DUMBO.

About Live Music and Standup 

Come listen to live music and standup at DUMBO Kitchen.

About Under the Sea 

Dive undersea and learn about marine life at Recess DUMBO.