Stroller Days: Art for Moms, Dads and Tots


Looking for something kid-friendly for your little ones and engaging conversation for you?  The Galleries of 111 Front Street have an upcoming event that fits the bill!  Join them Thursday, June 28th for Stroller Days – a day to tour current exhibitions with insightful discussion, adult conversation and a bit of artistic fun for local and art enthusiasts.

The tour will take approximately 45-60 minutes and will focus on introducing the diverse programs found at the 111 Front Street Galleries such as contemporary photography, art collectives, street art, minimalist art, non-profit spaces and much more.

Children up to 5 years and accompanying strollers are welcome and encouraged (it’s never too early for a bit of cultural exposure!).   The tour is $20 for adults, free for kids,  and admission includes refreshments and snacks (gluten and nut-free too!).

Register here, space is limited.

Participating Galleries: