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Win Big Bucks For Workforce Innovation

Do you have an original business plan that will improve your workforce? It could be worth up to $125,000 via the NYC Business Innovation Challenge!

This City-sponsored initiative encourages business owners to create a plan that gives workers a path to improving their skill bases, access to benefits, career prospects or economic opportunities. Maximizing employee value translates into higher retention rates, higher performance and, ultimately, higher revenues.

A panel of expert judges will select the three organizations, from 250+ employees to fewer than 20, with the most innovative plans. The winners will win a $25,000 cash prize to implement the plan, as well as consulting from Next Street to ensure the plans are scalable and sustainable over time. The best of these plans will win the Grand Prize of an additional $100,000 cash prize and recognition as New York City’s top workforce innovators.

The submission period runs April 2-May 31. The winners will be notified and announced by mid-June. Grand prize judging will start on November 29 and the final winners will be announced in mid-December. Please visit for more details and application information.