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Wheels of Change, A Brooklyn Bicycle Discussion

Bike traffic jams on your morning commute may seem counterproductive, but to many measures, it is a testament to the city’s success in creating a thriving cycling network, and Brooklyn is at the heart of this system. With over 700 miles of bike lanes and a bike share fleet of over 4,000, New York is quickly becoming a leader in urban cycling initiatives, but still has a long way to go.

Join three key leaders in the cycling field from CitiBike, Transportation Alternatives and the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative at the next Brooklyn for Good speaker series, where they will discuss how the city moves forward with bicycle initiatives, it’s role in community development, and how to keep Brooklyn’s bicycling network from becoming a victim of its own success.

Brooklyn for Good is a presented by the Brooklyn Community Foundation, which is headquartered in DUMBO (45 Main #409). The event takes place August 14 at 6:30PM. Registration is required and tickets are $5. Light fare and wine will be provided.

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