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The Olympic City Project Opening at PowerHouse Arena

Suppose your city wins the bid to host the Olympics. Spending millions of dollars on the campaign, newspaper headlines everywhere excitedly announce the victory. The anticipation sets in, as well as the construction. Millions turn into billions of dollars spent as new stadiums rise, transportation networks are reworked, and city beautification gets serious. Finally the torch is lit and your city sets into the world spot light, a few weeks of often new found fame. But what happens after there are no more medals to hand out?

Once the games end, the reality of years of overzealous construction and planning sets it. What will become of the velodrome arena, the 100,000 seat field house and the confused public sculptures that have long past fallen out of relevancy. More importantly, what happens to the people whom were displaced by the far reaching Olympic framework? Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit have traveled to thirteen Olympic cities on a photographic investigation of the successes or failures of these post-Olympic landscapes. The photos are published in their 240-page book, The Olympic City Project, designed by celebrated artist Paul Sahre, and with a foreword by New York Times architecture critic, Michael Kimmelman.

The book release and exhibition opening will be held at powerHouse arena June 21 at 6pm. The exhibition will run through July 10. More information here.