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So You Think You Can Redesign a City Payphone?

With new apps coming out nearly every day, we know DUMBO techies have mobile development on lock. So how about applying those creative skills to something a little more … old school?

With the Mayor Bloomberg’s Reinvent Payphone Design Challenge, designers of all stripes have the opportunity to revamp the more than 11,000 archaic payphone booths located throughout the five boroughs. The goal? Promote innovation in the fields of technology and design while creating sustainable, functional and aesthetically appealing spaces where payphones currently exist.

Some key questions:

  • What is the user experience of using the future payphone?
  • How should design vary by location?
  • How can the community play a role in content development?
  • Lastly, this hits close to home: Payphone usage tripled in areas affected by Sandy. What services and communication methods would be helpful for emergency preparedness?

If thinking about all this ignites your imagination, visit the official site to learn more. Deadline is Feb 18. We certainly wouldn’t mind a 21st-century payphone outside 20 Jay …